Faucets and Fixtures:

Install the New Faucet
Connect the new flexible supply lines to the threaded tail pieces of your new faucet. Next install the new faucet into the mounting holes on your sink. Then secure the faucet to the sink using the mounting plates and/or nuts that came with the new faucet. Attach the other end of the flexible supply lines to the valves on the hot and cold supply pipes.

Next, attach the new tail pipe to the sink drain. Then install the new drain/Stopper assembly that came with the new faucet into the sink basin. Part of the drain/Stopper assembly will include connecting a mechanical linkage system to the back of the drain tail pipe.

This linkage system will connect the drain pull rod to the Stopper assembly in the sink drain. Reconnect the J-Trap drain assembly to the drain tail pipe. Turn the supply line valves back to the ON position. These steps are used in our services.