Hollis Sewer and Drain Cleaning have been at the forefront of the US under floor heating market for nearly years. Through excellent products, high levels of customer service, and responsible trading, Hollis Sewer and Drain Cleaning have continued to make and maintain lasting customer relationships.
Hollis Sewer and Drain Cleaning show you the customer exactly how under floor heating works and connected to your heat source so you’re not sold products you don’t need and can compare systems like for like. Warm feet and a cool head is the kind of real environmental comfort. Hollis Sewer and Drain Cleaning is invisible and maintenance free, with no space-consuming radiators.
Under floor Heating requires only low temperature warm water and is ideal for use with modern condensing boilers and heat pumps.  With under floor heating, comfort levels are high and running costs are low. The heat is more evenly distributed and dust is not circulated.