We are very pleased to provide you with the latest information about our quality washroom cubicle systems and installation service Hollis Sewer and Drain Cleaning systems offer attractive design options, combined with durability and value for money.
We provide toilet cubicles, shower cubicles and change room systems for a range of applications; servicing with a full product and installation service, and the wider US market with supply-only product.
Our website contains valuable information for architects and builders, to help you choose the right system and create the most up-to-date design to suit your application. You can choose a cubicle system from our range of standard configurations, or talk to us about adapting one of our systems for your specific and unique requirements.
Hollis Sewer and Drain Cleaning way of saving water in a drought is to drop a house brick into the cistern to reduce the volume of water in it. But in some cases you need that extra big blush!